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Timber-framed houses -

What are the main advantages of modern timber frame houses?
  1. Timber-framed houses are environmentally friendly because they are built with materials that are friendly to health and the environment, so you can ensure a safe environment;
  2. Quick to build - compared to brick or concrete houses. The frame or its elements can be pre-assembled in the factory and then quickly assembled on site. 
  3. Cheaper construction: thanks to the fast construction process and flexibility in design, costs are lower compared to traditional houses.

Yes. This means that the house can be sold with completed interior and exterior works, including flooring, wall finishes, windows and doors, sewerage, electrical wiring, heating system, etc.

The wall panel of a timber-framed house consists of the structure, insulation, windbreak and finishing materials.

The price of a timber-framed house depends on the energy efficiency class, type of roof and windows, equipment, finishing materials and interior details. You can find out the approximate price of a timber frame house here.

Energy efficiency class B, A+, A++ available. We adapt to the customer's needs and possibilities.

Yes, timber-framed houses are sustainable because:

  1. Solar panels or wind turbines can be easily installed.
  2. The insulation in the structure can be adapted to the climatic conditions of the region, providing good thermal and cold resistance.
  3. A smaller ecological footprint, as many of the elements of a timber frame house can be made from recycled materials and the insulation materials used can be environmentally friendly.

It takes up to 6 months to build a multi-frame house, depending on the expected completion.

In the carcass of the house we use in construction Planed, calibrated spruce-pine C-16/C-24. Moisture content 16-18%, all corners 4R3. The wood is certified and complies with European Union requirements.

As the construction of a timber frame house is not affected by weather conditions, it can be built at any time of the year. The most economically optimal time is during the off-season.

Modular houses -

What is the price of a fully finished modular house?

The price of a modular house can vary depending on many factors, such as the size of the house, the materials used for the exterior and interior finishes, the type of roof, etc. Preliminary prices start from €800 per square metre. The estimate for a modular house does not include the cost of transport and the installation of the foundations.

After signing the contract, the production time is 2-3 months or according to customer demand. Waiting time must be allocated for site preparation: installation of the electricity supply, foundations and drains.

You can live in a modular house all year round, but it is important to choose a wall, roof and floor panel thickness of at least 20 centimetres, and to choose the right heating source. The most common choice for modular homes is combined heating, i.e. Oras Oras heating and infrared mats.

The main advantage of a modular house is its mobility. It is built on stilts, making it easy to transport, even if you change your place of residence. Modular houses are simple architectural structures that do not require a building permit, and there is no obligation to determine energy tightness.

Yes, modular houses are cost-effective because they are manufactured in a factory, which allows for more efficient use of materials and human resources, resulting in lower construction costs.

Yes. These houses are sold with all the necessary equipment, including electrical, water and plumbing systems and interior finishes.

Modular homes are made to individual orders, so we don't stock them.

Delivery and payment -

How long does production and delivery take?

It takes up to 2 months to build a modular house. Delivery with the house on the foundations in Lithuania takes up to 2 days.

We have partners who will ensure that the modular house reaches the customer's site quickly and safely.

Delivery costs are affected by the dimensions of the house and the distance to the building site. The price starts from €500.

A consumer loan of up to €25 000 is available for the production of a modular house. Repayment term up to 10 years. Deferment of the first instalment up to 3 months is possible. For more information here.